Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Puakea Plantation Home Photo Essay ~ Part I

I took these photos at the Puakea Golf Course...It is an old plantation home, now empty and sadly in disrepair, but nevertheless has a haunting charm all its own...


I couldn't believe it when I saw that a badly broken set of windows on the second floor actually still had drapes in it ~ Gave me the feeling that someone's mama would be calling them in for dinner any minute!


This scene made me think of days gone by ~ Days spent sitting on the veranda with a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade...It also made me sad. Sad of what these once-proud French doors have become ~ broken glass and hanging by a hinge...
Yet, somehow, I think back again to lazy days on a new whitewashed veranda and a porch swing and those doors are back on their brass hinges; beveled panes of glass shining crystal clear in the summer sun...


As we rounded the corner and looked up, this window reminded my husband and I of every one of "those windows" appearing in every horror movie house we've ever seen ~ You know the ones - At any minute a freakish face will appear and you will know BIG trouble is about to happen...

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There are many more pictures to tell the story of this wonderful old plantation home...stay tuned for Part II of my essay! God bless...Dava

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Schar Freeman said...

Aloha Dava and mahalo for this wonderful post and views of this house that still shows signs of a home. I particularly like the photo with the drapes still blowin in the wind.

malama pono~