Monday, January 25, 2010

Vagina Monologues/WomenArtistsOfKauai(WAK) Art Exhibition & Sale

Come join us for a night(or two!)of inspirational art, the artists who create it and entertainment from "The Vagina Monologues" production!

**A percentage of all art purchased goes to the YWCA**

Friday, January 8, 2010

WAK Welcomes Three New Artists!

Patrice Pendarvis

Watercolor, Watercolor Collage, Soft Pastel, China Paint on Tile ,Water Base Oil

A resident of Hawaii for over 34 years, Patrice has captured the island's diversity and stunning beauty through her work. Most recognized for her renditions of Hawaiian locales, historical structures, and pictorial compositions, her paintings of mainland and European travels are sought after as well.  She states, "I value the spontaneity of watercolor for its unforgiving and true, immediate response. Pastels and acrylics are also responsive mediums, ideal for recording those transitory moments found out in the environment. They go a step further to enhance the vibrancy and allow one to manipulate a painting."

Her works are found at these locations: Patrice Pendarvis Studio, Kilauea, Kilohana Galleries,Lihue, Ship Store Gallery, Kapaa, Earth and Sea Gallery, Kapaa, Artist Gallery, Hanalei, Hula Moon, Hanalei, North Shore Creations, Kapaa, Hanapepe Bookstore, Hanapepe, Global Creations, Haleiwa.

Check out her website at to see more of her work!

Amy Christmas
Dried Palms and Other Plant Materials

Amy's baskets are a unique sculpture assembled from a wealth of recycled local plant materials, the primary elements coming from an array of local palms. They are adorned with unique combinations of other indigenous plant parts including leaves, pods, fruits, and flowers. The natural earth-tones accentuate any decor while the various sizes offer endless possibilities for display. They are gifts of aloha that reflect the beauty of the ‘Garden Isle’ and will truly be treasured by all who receive them.

Amy's work can be found at the folowing locatations: Sundays: Sheraton Poipu 8am-4pm, Grand Hyatt, Poipu 4pm-8pm, Tuesdays: Grand Hyatt, Poipu 7:30am-12noon, Fridays: Grand Hyatt, Poipu 7:30a-1pm.  Her work is also available at Havaiki, Hanalei.  Please check out her website at: .

Angela Headley
Oils, Pastels, and  Watercolors

Angela has been working in the field of art for 30 years as an artist, teacher, designer, consultant, and gallery owner. Painting and exhibiting in the continental U.S., and the Hawaiian Islands, she has also studied and painted in France, Italy, Mexico, Fiji, and Tahiti. She is currently focusing on the Hawaiian Islands. However, she does take breaks to paint the different color palette landscapes of other countries.

"I have been studying art and painting for 30 years, and I'm still evolving and developing. This is a limitless learning curve with many wonderful experiences included. To that end I have been fortunate to study with many talented artists and learn from them all."

Currently, Angela's paintings can be found at Cedar Street Gallery, Honolulu, Oahu; Maui Hands Gallery, Lahaina, Maui; Artists Gallery of Kauai, Hanalei, Kauai; and Island Art Gallery, Hanapepe, Kauai. Island Art Gallery, which she owns, features Angela's paintings and three dimensional works by local artists.

Please visit her website at: .