Friday, January 21, 2011

Caylin Spear

"Westside Landscape" 48"x36" oil on canvas

Women Artists of Kauai is pleased to welcome a new member, Kekaha's own...Caylin Spear! She is a mixed media artist working with oil paint and wax encaustics using found shells or beach glass as well as mixed media watercolor and pencil paintings.

"Landscape is the vantage point at which we are able to judge our existence in this world through mind, body, and spirit. It is not always possible to choose the path our lives take. I was born missing the femur in my right leg. After a traumatic amputation my mother put me into art classes to get my mind off of the pain. My father, who was crippled at birth by polio in his right leg, taught me to surf. I have married these two passions in my everyday life by the ocean."

You can see more of her work online at

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TreasuresFromHawaii said...

Aloha Caylin and welcome to
Women Artists of Kauai(WAK)! I look
forward to meeting you and seeing more of your work...Until then, God bless! Dava / Treasures From Hawaii