Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photos of Open Studio Tour 2013

 Here we are preparing to hang our show at the Kauai Museum (show runs through 3pm October 31, 2013).

 Helen and Caylin help measure and hang our art work.

L to R: Leslie, Helen, Suzy, and Marionette

 Bruce takes some photos at our opening reception at the Kauai Museum.
His subject is (L to R) Anna and Donia.
 Guests arrive at the Kauai Museum for an evening of art and pupus!

Anna is standing next to one of her palm frond paintings.

 Marionette at her Waimea studio during the Open Studio Tour Weekend #1.

 Marionette and Anna in front of Anna's beautiful work.

Marionette is demonstrating her watercolor technique.

 The many wonderful masks hand painted by Anna with 100% of the proceeds going to Zonta Club of Hanalei Scholarship Fund!

Anna's art work

 Carol is seen here at her Wainiha art studio.

 Carol and Anna enjoy a cup of tea while "talking story" about art.

 L to R: Anna, Marionette, and Carol in front of Carol's gorgeous piece.

 Some of Dawn's brushes and art things.  It's always cool to see the materials the artist uses.

Patrice is engaged in conversation with her clients at her studio.

 Ibbie's brushes and paints at her Kilauea art studio.

 Donia is talking story with some visitors.

 L to R: Donia and Marionette in front of Donia's lovely art work.

 Ibbie and Donia take a stroll through Ibbie's gorgeous gardens.

L to R: Marionette, Anna, Ibbie, Donia

Anna is deciding what pottery to purchase from Leslie's art studio in Wailua.

I'd like to say Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone who participated in this year's Women Artists of Kauai Open Studio Tour, to our very generous sponsors, to the Kauai Museum and staff for inviting us to exhibit, and especially to Donia Lilly who spent countless hours planning, organizing, and promoting this super fun event!!!

Marionette Taboniar
Coordinator for Women Artists of Kauai

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